Hand to Mouth: People Eating #1


If you have that bourgeois, obsessive-compulsive habit of photographing food, no doubt you've also accidentally collected quite a few shots of people caught in the act of stuffing their faces. Hence: the Hand to Mouth series. Gut Feelings members, I heartily invite you to add your own.

And in the interests of bringing myself down a peg or two, I present:

#1: Chewing ribs in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.



    Fun thoughts, and I looked into my photo folders but I realize that when I am faced to the occasion of hand-to-mouth feast, I myself have my hands on food and not my camera!
    I am rather surprised to find that I have almost no picture in the category despite my sojourns in places where fingers are the utensils for the staple food, be it maize meal or sticky rice.


    i wouldn't be surprised if it was against the law in some countries... it must be bad for digestion! i am guilty!

    your sojourns sound like I would love to hear more about them though.
    maybe there are some eating techniques or types of etiquette that could be used in other countries,
    e.g. maize meal technique applied to pizza, fondue or chahan?


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