"Madame Intestine" drink

I don't know how the Japanese beverage industry has gotten into the category of drinks that almost looks like a big joke.

Here's one from Dydo Drinco.

It is a word joke... "Ochou fujin" is this blond hair character which appeared in the "Ace wo Nerae", a late-70's cartoon in which high school tennis club members compete to each other.

In the cartoon, this blond woman's name is "Ochou fujin" meaning "Madame Butterfly." This Dydo's drink, which is prune juice supposedly good for regularity, is named "Ochou fujin", meaning "Madame Intestine."
Both "butterfly" and "intestine" has the same pronunciation, "chou", though they use the different kanji (Chinese character).

Even though they still have the press release, they unfortunately no longer sell this hilarious product... maybe constipated customers didn't feel comfortable taking the "Madame Intestine" drinks to the cashier.


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