Death Row Dinner

In keeping with the easter theme, not that I mean to bum you all out, but I found this blog on the morbid topic of the last suppers requested by those about to be executed by the government of the United States of America

Dead Man Eating posts their name, their date of expiry and their last supper

Tellingly food favourites of America's southern black population overwhelmingly dominates the menus: fried chicken appears to be most requested

Fried chicken eaters watch your back, the American government wants to kill you

If I have a choice I think I would go with fried chicken too plus:

dimsum dumplings (high quality hand made)
a couple of bluff oysters and a scallop or two
and enourmous pile of fresh Santa Barbara uni (sea urchin/ sea egg)
some Tattinger reserve champagne
a piece of vogels and a tamarillo



    man, good food doesnt get a heavier context than this huh. last suppers are like your culinary legacy, how your stomach wants to be remembered before the penal system executes you for something you hardcore did or didnt do. its like this one surreal food fantasia moment (that all kids creepily design a menu for when they learn about 'last suppers') admidst the weirdest worst thing that could happen to someone.

    Isnt it creepy that Fox reported what the Oaklahoma Bomber ate on his last night before he got the electric chair. Isn't it creepy that me and my whanau admired his choices. Fried chicken featured heavily.

    I am morbidly thinking of my list... knowing there will be no digestive or intestinal consequences to my picks colours my choices. I would demand death straight after the meal to optimise any warm satisfied feeling that FUCKED situation might allow.


    Morbid - yet genius.

    Maybe a turkey dinner would make you snooze through the execution. I think I'd like dumplings, oysters and yeah fried chicken would be nice. At least I could be sure the prison chef had a lot of experience preparing it.


    did you notice that website offers merchandise including a Dead Man Eating thong?
    death, food and mail order sex appeal for the beach or the bedroom.

    saw a really well made but of course very intense documentary called The Farm: about the Angola State penitentiary, based on the site of a former slave plantation.

    possibly the heaviest scene in the whole film was when a guy from deathrow, a guy who they'd interviewed, was euthanised: they didn't show the procedure but filmed the empty room where he'd had his last supper, empty cups and half-eaten fried chicken scattered around. Such a pathetic and depressing sight.


    no i didn't notice that.....odd


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