more mile to your mushroom

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Speaking of mushrooms,

They sure do get the shrink wrap treatment here in Cologne too (Enoki and Shiitake being the subjects of most abuse), but aren't these ones in the local Basic
bio supermarkt pretty. Guess if I want yellow mushrooms I should really be waiting for those nice golden chanterelles - pfifferlinge
- to come in season.
And if you pay through the nose for hands-down best organic blush-pink South African oyster mushrooms (below), do all those miles really leave less of an eco footprint?

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    I don't mind if I never eat another oyster mushroom again. In Cambodia it was the only mushroom we could get since a french NGO had taught some farmers in Banteay Meanchey to grow oyster mushrooms and everyone else had copied grown them too.


    I hate oyster mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!! Three fucking years of oyster mushrooms!


    but what a nice pink colour like a sunset!


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