Dorset Naga

Speaking of chillies

After reading Cocos awesome post about chillies and the like, it made me think of the above picture

That’s our man Manuel Quiroz and those aren’t strawberries he is squeezing into his eyes

I would love to see him rub a Dorset Naga into his face

The world’s most gangsta chillies

1. Chilli 'Dorset Naga', 1598227 SHU
2. Chilli 'Caribbean Red Hot', 530283 SHU
3. Chilli 'Orange Habanero', 487672 SHU
4. Chilli 'Fiesta' (grown outdoors), 286185 SHU
5. Chilli 'Scotch Bonnet', 265054 SHU
6. Chilli 'Apache', 103282 SHU
7. Chilli 'Fiesta' (grown indoors), 102328 SHU
8. Chilli 'Paper Lantern', 85486 SHU
9. Chilli 'Adorno', 67726 SHU
10. Chilli 'Etna', 65937 SHU

SHU - Scovile Heat Units


    trust you to know scovile heat units


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    "I'd love to see him rub a Dorset Naga in his face". Your the Biggie Smalls of spices Hock.

    "Chilli's dont kill people, people kill people!"


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