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Translated sometimes as “elephant’s foot” or “devil’s tongue,” konnyaku is a gelatinous paste made from potato root and formed into bricks; it’s 97% water and has zero calories-one of the best things to eat when you’re on a diet.

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    yes... i like it a lot... i tend to like gelatinous chewy things UNLESS they are made from mass-harvested pigs heads.

    BUT not sure about this calorie free claim... I always heard in Japan that those glass mung bean noodles (harusame) were calorie free too...
    If I may be frank, I don't buy it.



    my favourite thing in the oden is always the egg. and oden must be noted as one of the best 5am drunk foods invented especially of course in winter..


    wow i want in - what are my chances here? e.j does like gelatinous chewy things, she introduced me to red bean and green tea jelly bars. kia ora e hoa!


    heheh... i remember that!

    they should have that konnyaku stuff at the Japan Mart near Gloria... Gen at Cave will tell you how 2 make oden if u ask him...

    beware: konnyaku mispronounced means 'engagement' so be careful who you ask for their hand in marriage


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