Magic beans?

I was eating some take-away Japanese food in St James Park, London, today. It was an unseasonably warm spring day and the blossom was competing with the daffodils for the oooh factor. We bought some food from Satsuma in Wardour St and carted it merrily along to the park. We cracked open the katsu and various soy-drenched delights along with a pot of edamame beans. Now I love those salty beans as much as anyone but out of a polystrene cup, and having lost that delicious thirst-creating dryness, there were a minor disappointment. My friend mentioned that massive British frozen food supermarket Iceland (yes, we have supermarkets just for frozen food - sorry) now sells those previously specialised beans. Which must make it the new pesto.

Is this a good thing? Probably not.


    haha I love that the frozen supermarket is called Iceland!

    takeaway japanese amongst blooms sounds lovely even with soggy edamame...

    hmm maybe they are the new pesto,
    my cookbook by Kimiko Barber recommends having them with pasta!

    (u saute with chopped fresh tomato and a little garlic-infused oil&butter, then add a little of pasta cooking water and reduce slightly)


    an embarressing story but frozen edamame always make me think of this time an Israeli-obsessed english girl and I went to see Takkyu Ishino do a 'new wave' night at Yellow;
    We took this so-called natural drug named 'snake eyes' which was supposed to make one eye trip out while the other eye stayed normal. I can't remember what was appealing about that.
    The whole night I had to hold onto the handrail of the stairs onto the dancefloor and they were playing Fear & Loathing as visuals. Both eyes were fairly psychedelic and the crowd was jumping around like football fans who just learnt how to pogo.
    Anyway nothing happened to my friend until just before we were catching the 5.30 am trains and parted ways: When I saw her later that day she couldn't move her neck, so I went and got frozen edamame to put on her neck because i felt so horribly guilty!
    instead of putting them on her neck she took a hot bath and she and her room mate ate the beans instead.


    I never really enjoy edamame as much I use to, sometimes they suffer from freezer burn.

    I get the feeling that edamame is of inferior quality these days, in the same way older people say that strawberries just don't taste the way they use to?


    frozen is common method of storage in Japan too... fresh better of course for anything, but frozen should be OK
    they need to be cooked properly, and salted properly too!


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