Lucky pig

In honour of Maytel & Hock's commando year of the pig experiences.

Saw the book in the photo below in the Japanese bookstore in Duesseldorf. Didn't buy it (despite the helpful diagrams of pig anatomy). But what better country than Germany to celebrate the Year of the Pig?

Schwein haben: to be lucky (literally 'to have pig')

According to the radio station Deutsche Welle, the expression "Schwein haben" originated in the middle ages, when the person who came last in shooting competitions, etc. would be given a pig as a consolation prize. Because (unlike the winners of the other prizes) he had done nothing to deserve the pig, he was regarded as lucky to get it.

Ein Glückspilz: literally 'a lucky mushroom' - a person who experiences unexpected good fortune.

Den inneren Schweinehund bekämpfen: literally 'to battle the inner pig-dog' or to fight one's lack of motivation

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    i battle my inner pig dog every day


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