The Munch Bunch


A much favoured childhood tv series of my formative years was about a bunch of underloved escapee vegetables - The Munch Bunch. Although I may be overstating the impact I like to think that my adult appreciation for veggies and my heartfelt sympathy for clingwrapped mushrooms and lemons and onions (don't cry little olly onion, I'll get you out) could be in some way traced to this cartoon series and their anthropomophic vegetables.

Although the name was transformed in my teens as slang term for the mentally challenged class at school (yes kids are mean). And then as a euphemism for lesbians in the early 1990s. Much to my horror, when I went to find pics for this post I discovered that the name is now in the hands of multinational corporation Nestle, who has somehow acquired the trademark rights and is using it to promote their yoghurt line in some countries . Apparently, in 1998 there was some sort of Munch Bunch yoghurt tie in series for television that flopped...and so yes the Munch Bunch too has been sold out, is there no end to the corporate domination of our food chains and heritages????

Anyways, I haven't been able to find any videos on youtube since it has been blocked in Thailand again but for those unfamiliar with the Munch Bunch, wiki provides the basic narrative

* I have no idea why the orange was mexican


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