Mayo Chahan: have a very eggy easter

In the spirit of Kewpie fever, thought I'd contribute a recipe I found on the Kewpie website (thanx for the hook up).
The recipe calls for Kewpie Half (reduced fat Kyupi) and is interesting in that you stir fry with mayo instead of oil.

Since my Japanese reading ability tends to get a bit creative, please take this as a starting point for experimenting with your own mayo-chahan (fried rice)! Normally when adapting Japanese recipes I increase the volume a bit, for example in this recipe 3 pieces of lettuce just seems a bit too Mother Hubbard. Also, the recipe didn't specify what temperature to cook at but I would assume for fried rice it should be quite hot!

When I was googling for the image, I found a LOT of different varieties: umeboshi-mayo chahan, celery+octopus mayo chahan, and the slightly more predictable tuna-mayo, prawn-mayo and crab-mayo varieties.

Adapted from
Serves 2 people
15 min preparation time
646 kcal per person

400 g cooked rice
3-4 lettuce leaves
4 spring onions or as much as you prefer
4slices of ham
1 egg
4 tablespoons of Kyupi mayo (reduced fat if possible)
IMPORTANT: the crispiness or シャキシャキ (shakishaki)-ness of the lettuce is important for the effectiveness of this dish, so don't overheat, over-stir or let the finished dish sit around before eating.

1. Chop the ham and edible parts of the spring onion finely.
2. Add 2 tbsp mayo to the hot pan, then add the spring onion, ham and finally the beaten egg.

3. Add the rice and 2 more tbsp of mayo to the pan and stir-fry it all about; season with salt and pepper.
4. Roughly tear up the lettuce leaves, scatter through the rice and serve immediately.

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Other items of interest on the Kewpie home site:

- a selection of quicktime clips from their Kewpie factory
(seems appropriate at easter...all that egg-cracking)

- continuing on the egg theme, now that you mention Tarako (cod roe) spaghetti sauce, check out these awesome CMs (commericals) for Kewpie's heat&eat Tarako Spaghetti
sauce! Great styling and I like the theme song like a crazed Russian folk song ...and the army of kewpie matroushka doll larvae.

If one is feeling lazy, here's the instant version of Mayo-chahan (different brand):

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    Frying with mayo. I think the next level just arrived.


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