how to expand your taillenumfangswunder pt1

The Arbeitslosigkeit (unemployment) may be shrinking, but suddenly all those jeans don't fit right anymore. To address this discrepancy in girth, Merzenich
puts their best gelatinized berries forward on a spring day. These fruit-gelee slices (in the background) always entice.. glittering in the sunlight. But ever since I heard the story of how Erik's sister used to live by a Haribo factory (Germany's big time confectioner, founded not too far away in Bonn in 1920), I really have trouble eating products with lots of gelatine involved. Big trucks used to pull up every week and unload pig's heads, you image that made me resolve to only eat artisan, hand made gelatine if such a thing exists. But since I learned to love pork in Japan I'm happy that Deutschland is a pork-proud nation: and I'm likewise glad that no snout is left to waste.
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    On 22 June 2007 at 17:43 Anonymous said...

    I would like to know what that food is in the two pictures you have. (hopefully, I will find a recipe for them) And are they a specialty in Rhineland-Palatinate?


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