small bananas!

Japanese is a great language for making food puns...something to do with how it's composed of syllabic units which are easily re-combined or re-emphasised... silly stuff but oh so fun!

Combines the word used to salute/big up yourself or other people when they finish work (otsukaresama) with the words for pork-cutlet-with-curry (katsu kare). I made this one up of course, because so stupid.

Shou ga nai
Means 'oh well, nothing can be done about it'... say it when you have run out of ginger. (shouga nai = no ginger)

Keiki dayo!!
Means 'It's finished!'. Say it when you just finished making a cake. (sounds like 'It's cake!!')

Uma ii
In kids or slang style means 'horse is good'. Say when eating horse sashimi, because it sounds like the word for delicious (umai)

Hashitsurei shimashita
Hashi: chopsticks; shitsurei shimashita: excuse me (for what I did)
Meaning: Excuse me for dropping food from my chopsticks.

also got a couple in German, one which I made up:
Kleine banahnung!
(The second word is a combo of 'bananen' - bananas and 'ahnung' - idea, so you're saying 'Small bananas!' when you really mean 'No idea!'/ keine ahnung!)

From Torsten comes:
Cervelats wurst!
Cervelats wurst is a type of salami, and to Tor it sounds like 'servus!' which means ciao/thanks/cheers/see ya. So he often says 'cervelatswurst' instead of 'servus'.


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