Father's Reflections on Poultry

Dear Maytel

I wonder how does one measure the level of enjoyment when it comes to food and the sensation one can get or rather the level of enjoyment. May be it is the lust after pleasure in the final analysis after all.

Anyway, Saro, my 74 years old golfing companion from Thailand. He is in Auckland for another week or so. Last night we went to Pearl Garden at my insistence, purely for the Drunken Chicken and cold beer. It is still the best choice so far for that dish. Other dishes at this restaurant is pretty average. I can categorically make a bold statement that in the whole of Bangkok, I have not yet discovered any place with better Drunken Chicken then my New Market Pearl Garden. Saro agreed with me. Stan Ma, another golfing buddy of our, a Chinese master chef originally from Hong Kong reckons that his Drunken Chicken is better. I have yet to try his cooking.

In the middle class society of Auckland, there is no need for the stuck up elitism to enjoy one truly near a ten point mark Drunken Chicken. I had lunch at the Oriental's Bistro before this trip, I thought the food was pretty average. Maybe it is more like trying to rate the quality of green curry chicken as prepared by a European chef. Somehow the fois gras did not taste all that great.

Likewise, when I was up in Hong Kong, Anne and I were invited out to a Pekineses Restaurant by my Uncles and Aunts. The Peking Duck at the restaurant was supposed to be pretty good by Hong Kong standard. Honestly, I thought it was not as good as the Empress Garden's

Love Dad

(he doesn't know I posted this, names have been changed, excuse the english)


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