Fresh produce

It's my first post here, so perhaps I'll start by way of introduction. I'm an English journalist living in
south east London and I'll be writing about things that move my tastebuds and toes. For example,
freestyle cookery (the joy when it goes right, the culinary pain of wastefoods like parsnip noodle soup);
how tea tastes different when drunk from different receptacles and how to learn to love the foods you

Where some of us crave the occasional tinned spaghetti on toast, I occasionally corned beef sandwiches on
plastic white bread, slathered in salad cream. Mostly however, I prefer proper food – but that's the power
of nature over nurture, right?


    welcome skiba!
    the corned beef sarny sounds damn good to me.
    mmm, corned beef... pacific island delicacy

    but what is salad cream?


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