Sok Subai Ch'num T'Mai - A Good Year for Waitresses?


This weekend Theravada Buddhist countries are celebrating the New Year. According to this calander the year is now 2551 (I think)...In Thailand and Cambodia this means parties in villages and games. In Bangkok it means throwing water and talcum powder at anyone and everyone, especially if they are farang (foreigner)....different people have different strategies to deal with this. I just saw a couple of white guys walking down the road with super soaker water guns, others just cab everywhere and some people pretend to carry laptops in order to avoid getting splashed. Hock just carries everything in zip lock bags.

I'm not sure how Theravada new years came to be entangled with Chinese astrology exactly, but this year Cambodian astrologers are predicting a mixed bag for the year of the pig.

"The goddess Mohatearak Devi, who sits astride the divine pig which will rule the heavens for the coming year, arrived just after midday, according to astrologers.

In between parties, games and traditional dances, Cambodians made traditional offerings of meats, fruits, incense and other delicacies of the goddess and prayed for good luck and good fortune for the coming year.

But Royal Palace astrologer Im Borin said the new year will bring some hardships, with a poor rice crop, stormy weather and a 'big problem in Phnom Penh' predicted in the coming months.

It will be a good year for women however, according to the venerable soothsayer, with the wives of high officials generally content and the nation's legion of waitresses in line for prosperity and property."

If this is anything to go on then incidents like this should subside over the coming year, some how I don't quite think that it's time to do away with this organisation dedicated to promoting the safety and security of Cambodian Beer Girls


    and that suckling devil pig is definitely going to haunt my nightmares


    that's horrible. i'll stick to Koelsch beer from now on.
    becks, stella, heineken, corona: pour those hipster beers down the toilet.


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