Number 1 from an endless series.

A commercial sized smoker, purely devoted to pork ribs - One day I will need to cook pork ribs for 40 to 100 people, and quite thankfully, my partner agrees that owning two barbecues and a dedicated rotisserie is not enough. As a nation, Australians are brilliant at the act of barbecuing and our national holiday is ostensibly devoted to it rather than something more controversial, like invasion by white people. However, Australians tend to be poor at cooking barbecued food. We have the heart for barbecue but not the palate. We rarely even barbecue heart. We’re a nation of grillers rather broilers or smokers. I’m a firm believer that a well-placed smoker can change the world.

Note: Pictured commercial smoker is Ole Hickory Pit's Model SSO-SSI, boasting a cooking surface of 144 square feet and cooking capacity of 216 sets of baby back ribs.


    I'm sure Hock would agree to go halves. If we ever move back to Australia we should go into the rib business together


    ribs goood...
    smoke good.
    i read in a steingarten column a recipe for making smoke-flavoured mash potatoes but think it required some kind of baby genius style contraption


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