MC Hammer: Dancer. Preacher. Food blogger.

Rarely a day goes by where I don't find myself asking "Would MC Hammer eat this?". Thanks to the internet, I can ask Hammer, who is currently in the process of becoming a respectable food blogger with his first in a series of posts on the eating habits of the Hammer family.

Just in case you have lived a Hammer-free existence, here is the MC's paean to happy pants:


    hmmm, perhaps we should all take solace in this. Doesn't matter how much crystal you drink or how many gorgeous bicycle pant wearing dancers you have, one day nearly all ostentacious silly pant wearing rap stars will end up eating fast food in the suburbs?


    harem pants are so now. hammer was way ahead of his time.

    i'm also wondering if vanilla ice is right now eating vanilla ice,
    and why rappers don't name themselves after common household items anymore?


    What about 50 Cent? I also thought that new rapper Chamillionaire was named after the household chamois.


    50 cent, good point!
    Chamillionaire as a piece of soft leather for polishing shoes, hmm hmm yes i think u might have something there.

    plus speaking of shoes, I forgot an excellent deejay from Detroit who was here last week: House Shoes. Possibly the best dj name ever.


    The guys from Coldcut recorded a few hip hop singles as mop brand "Floormaster Squeeze" to avoid prosecution for their uncredited samples. But that was back in the 80s .


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