Eating muff

Speaking of fried is the tip on cooking fried chicken by Paul Prudhomme, a personal food hero of mine introduced to me by my very good friend J.lord (whom is the personal chef for one of Australias wealthiest men, but thats a story for another day, especially when it comes to the eating of fried chicken, oh and spitting in peoples food, yes some chefs will do that if they are pushed too far).

Magic Fried chicken

Chef Paul is what he eats and that is fat. Yes he loves his fat, and he loves a good muff - Muffaletta sandwich that is

If you look closely at the video of Paul making a Muff sandwich, you might notice that he is sitting. That's because he's so fat that he can't stand anymore and has to get around on a motorised chair

Now that's what I call dedication to your work

(The above shot was back in the day when he was still able to walk)

But who could help themselves, his renoun famous cajun cuisine is so famous that people line up every day outside his restuarant in Louisiana just to try it

I once had a conversation with a chef who worked with him. Apparently the man has the most amazing palate, he can actually taste exactly where a cook has deviated from his recipe. For example you might have used corn oil in a gumbo and not grapeseed, things of that nature. Kinda like the difference between Anchor butter and Fernleaf, anyway trust me his gullet is kickass.

Not that he is beyond making the odd mistake from time to time, for example, wiki details his failed attempts to hook the general public on south american mouse meat, yes cute sweet little....mouse meat

But occasionally he gets it very very right. His legacy to the world will most likely be the Turkducken a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.....

Although Hugh Fearnlywhittingstall (we love him) has gone several better and invented the....turgoduckmaguikenantidgeonck

Paul will always remain as the originator

Paul Prudhome

We salute you


    Animals inside animals always strikes me as a little... bestial. Although not so different, I suppose from the obviously more pedestrain chicken and bacon sandwich.

    Big up the man's tastebuds, though.


    K-Paul! is he also a house DJ?


    um saying he sounds like my kinda guy is a very diluted understatement. he sounds and looks frickin sweet. taking poultry to russian doll realms. it reminds me when i went inside a bus which went inside a train which went underwater beneath the english channel - the chunnel. But as always its the food remix - ysss.

    you can picture him wielding mouse unsuccesfully in peoples faces. "try it! you'll like it!"




    ha ha site meter records that we have people ending up at gut feelings having googled "man eating muff"

    he he he he


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