Dr Bread with Conan

I miss good bread. Bread makers in Thailand follow the general conception that the whiter, sweeter and spongier the better. I call it Japanese-style bread. Cambodian bread is marginally better, it has a crust at least. Overall I've noticed that in keeping with the southeast asian general perception that anything dark is bad and anything white and fair is good, one almost never sees a well baked loaf of rye bread. My step-mother has taken the asian browned bread phobia to a whole new level. As she believes that anything slightly burnt contains cancer causing carcinogens, after toasting her bread in the morning she then proceeds to pick off any pieces that fall above the hue of honey coloured. It is a painful sight to see

I miss vogels and crusty loaves of ciabatta.


    Dr Bread woah nelly

    Hmm i know that food-longing very well, i'm missing yum cha and peking duck and sticky rice and fried short ribs like the ones at Zap.
    Maybe we can organise some kind of bilateral food trade agreement..


    hmmm, no yum cha really???? no peking duck....have you managed to move to the one place on earth that isn't on the Chinese diaspora map?

    If so, this is odd...you should investigate. Do Chinese people simply not like that part of Germany?

    Siem Reap was bereft of yum cha worth eating. Phnom Penh yum cha is also substandard by my books. Thai yum cha is marginally better. Penang has excellent yum cha, the best outside of Hong Kong...I'd even venture as far to say it was better

    Anyway, I swear I'll never move anywhere that doesn't have a worthy dumpling again.

    Bilateral food exchange, well I think some field trips may be in order at the end of the year.

    I can send you some sticky rice....we have a lot of it here.....not sure about the ribs though


    also what's up with all the useless people we invited to contribute...???? Where are their posts?


    what a moaner i am.


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